Most of our sensory information come from our eyes, so mastering the visual skills most useful to your sport would be a prime performance-enhancing technique.

Seeing "20/20" isn't the only measure of good vision. Visual acuity (20/20, etc.) is certainly important. But good vision involves a set of several skills, including depth perception, peripheral visual field awareness, eye-hand coordination and more.

All these vision skills are extremely important in sports, whether you play golf, soccer, cricket, baseball or tennis.

Tennis - a receiver must be able to recognise the important cues from the server’s action and be able to visually track the ball in flight so they can prepare for an appropriate return.

Soccer- players must be able to identify opponents and team-mates in their peripheral vision while controlling the ball

Visual screening

A simple test of ‘what letters can you read on the chart’ is not enough to test visual function for sport .

When the appropriate visual screening has been undertaken, a training program can be implemented for those found to have a visual problem that is likely to impinge upon their sports performance. port.