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Without polarized lens = No fish visible With polarized lens = Fish Visibility 




Polarized fishing sunglasses will eliminate glare and allow you to spot fish better.

A number of features need to be considered before purchasing fishing sunglasses: Lens material, tint, UV protection, frame and fit

Lens Material

 You will have to choose between glass and plastic. Glass lenses provide the best optical quality, but are more expensive and heavier.

Polarized fishing sunglasses with plastic lenses are lighter and more comfortable to wear. Plastic lenses are also more durable than the glass variety



Gray tint is suitable for sunny days as they can transmit all colors of the spectrum. Polarized fishing sunglasses with an amber tint are ideal for conditions with low light. Most anglers prefer a tan tint because it provides good contrast and color perception.


UV Protection

You should always buy a pair that will provide 100% protection from ultraviolet light. Some designs will also protect you from reflected light.



 The frame should fit comfortably.

Polarized fishing sunglasses that wrap around will deliver the most comfort and protection. It is also best to look for polarized fishing sunglasses that have a lightweight frame.



A design which includes a lanyard or strap will allow you to remove your polarized fishing sunglasses without losing them. This is useful when you have to bend over.