Optometrist Elena Perri

Elena Perri along with her husband Aldo Perri established Huntingdale Optical Centre in 1983. They were delighted when their daughter Jessica, a therapeutically qualified Optometrist and Nutritionist, joined the practice in 2009. Over the past three decades, Elena has built a reputation for providing the highest standards of clinical practice, continuity of patient care and empathy for patients of all ages, background and walks of life.

Optometrist Jessica Perri

Elena Perri and Jessica Perri take pride in offering personalized health and vision solutions for the whole family as well as providing an unsurpassed optometry experience of high quality eyecare and eyewear. We want to thank you for choosing us for your eye health care. We value your confidence in us and want to let you know that we will  ensure a comfortable and efficient visit for you. Elena Perri holds a Bachelor of Science (Optometry) Degree from the University of Melbourne. Jessica Perri holds a Bachelor of Optometry Degree from University of Melbourne as well as a Postgraduate Certificate in Human Nutrition. Her interests include eye diseases and children’s vision. Her background in Nutrition allows her to provide holistic care for patients with diabetes and other systemic conditions.