Fogging & Leaking

Fogging and leaking are common and annoying problems with both swimming goggles and diving masks. To avoid leakage, always try on goggles or masks before buying to make sure they fit snugly and comfortably. With masks, remember that tighter is not always better. Masks that are too tight might pull away from the face and release the suction.

To keep lenses from fogging, try these tips:

  • Use gentle soap such as baby shampoo to clean lenses, particularly on the day you plan to swim or dive.
  • Consider buying lenses with anti-fog coatings. Anti-fog sprays, drops and gels often work well, too.
  • Always read the label before buying, because some of these products are meant for snorkeling and dive masks only — not swim goggles.
  • Store goggles and masks in protective cases to prevent dirt and scum from building up on lenses. This will also prevent scratching. Placing your mask or goggles in the water just before wearing them also may help prevent fogging.