Ottica Perri Optometrists i-Terminal

What is iTerminal™?


i.Terminal is a unique dispensary system that combines advanced fitting and measurement precision with enhanced patient consultation in one simple process. Employing a precision digital camera and acomputerized measuring system, the i.Terminal photographs patients wearing their chosen frames. i.Terminal then provides these essential dispensing functions:

• Measures monocular interpupillary distances, fitting heights, pantoscopic angle, vertex distance and frame wrap automatically.
• Creates photo images for review by the patient and dispenser.
• Provides interactive demonstrations of lens enhancements.


What are the benefits of iTerminal to you?


Sophisticated modern progressive lenses offer unsurpassed optical performance. However, the performance of these lenses is still limited by the accuracy of their fitting and centration. Even small errors in fitting measurements can result in up to a 25% reduction in progressive viewing zone alignment and lens performance. By consistently delivering the most precise measurements, i.Terminal assures that you will receive the best possible visual experience from your lenses.

The enhanced mirror allows patients with stronger prescriptions to see clearly how their chosen frames look when worn, and to compare multiple frames side-by-side.

Other interactive capabilities of i.Terminal helps patients understand how premium lens upgrades will look and perform. These capabilities will allow patients to make more confident eyewear choices and to enjoy the best possible performance from their progressive lenses.

How does i.Terminal achieve this level of accuracy?


iTerminal eliminates measurement error, while taking measurements to within 0.1 mm, resulting in the most accurate fitting measurements possible. i.Terminal employs a precision digital camera that captures both frontal and profile images of the patient wearing his or her chosen frame. A patented laser speckle target system is used to ensure that the wearer maintains proper distance fixation while the photo is captured.
The system is also designed to ensure that the wearer is properly centered for accurate measurement, and automatically compensates for any accidental head-turn. The images are then processed by sophisticated software that automatically takes key measurements with unparalleled accuracy, including monocular interpupillary distances, fitting heights, pantoscopic angle, and vertex distance.