When it comes to matching your frames with your hair colour, there are different frame shades that will suit different people. For those with fair hair and skin, dramatic frames are best avoided. Instead, consider clear frames, soft-coloured or metal ones, as these will complement your face rather than taking over.
If you have darker hair and/or darker skin, you can generally opt for something more dramatic. So you can consider darker or patterned frames that really stand out and draw attention to your face.

Hair Color

In the same way you choose complementary color clothes to suit your complexion and hair color, you should apply these principles when selecting your glasses. If you have fair hair, softer pastel shades or transparent or metal frames will ensure that your glasses don't overwhelm your face. Black or brown hair works well with more dramatic frames. Our guide to choosing your frames takes into account this important factor, helping you pick the colors that suit you best.